Heading abroad to catch some winter sun? Why not save money by travelling light with just hand luggage?! Impossible you say? Well, hun, we are here to save the day (and bank balance) Keep reading and discover our five hand luggage essential for the perfect winter sun getaway! 

Official documents

Tickets, Insurance, and of course, Passport, are top essentials! You literally cannot do anything without these. It's very easy to think that hand luggage is just a handbag but a small suitcase can pass as hand luggage, measurements vary depending on who you're flying with! 

5 Hand Luggage Essentials


Think mini when it comes to toiletries! We recommend buying refill travel bottles so you don't waste money buying miniature versions of your shampoo, conditioner, suncream & moisturiser.


Sunglasses, sunglasses and more sunglasses! They are an absolute winter sun essential! Four, (three if you wear one) pairs of sunnies take up little to no hand luggage space, so indulge in trendy sunglasses! Sign up to our newsletter & receive 20% off your first purchase - If that's not a good excuse to update your sunglasses collection then we don't know what is!


Top tip: wear the shoes you know will take up the most space, flip-flops and sliders will not take as much room as a pair of trainers. 

It's very easy to get carried away! You will find yourself packing an outfit for every single occasion but realistically, do you see yourself going for an outfit change three times a day? If yes, you go gurl but packing light isn't for you - if no, pick your few summer wardrobe favourites that can work from AM to PM.

Another tip: rolling your clothes creates a tonne of space, so you could add an extra outfit for brunch if you really wanted to! 

How To Pack 5 Hand Luggage Essentials


No needs for a hairdryer or iron as most apartments & hotels come equipped with these.We definitely recommend bringing your portable charger for times you spend away from your accommodation and most importantly - a plug adaptor!